How Effective is Zumba as an Exercise?


There have been many efforts to make exercise classes feel like a fun party - remember Richard Simmons? Zumba has caught on big time. My wife is hooked and taken classes from Vermont to Atlanta and participates 5 days a week and on weekends goes to Zumba parties. Those people dancing around in the classroom to Latin beats sure seem to be having a good time. How good of a work out are they getting?


The American Council on Exercise commissioned a study to find out how much benefit was coming from these Zumba dance workouts.


Their research found that Zumba burns up 9.5 kcal per minute - more than step aerobics classes.


In summary: "researchers concluded that Zumba Fitness® classes can serve as an excellent way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness while also positively affecting body composition, in addition to strengthening the core and improving flexibility with the numerous hip and midsection movements included in these classes. It is, however, important to keep in mind that depending on the choreography and the instructor there can be a wide range of intensity for Zumba® classes, just like any other group fitness modality.


The bottom line is when it comes to long-term adherence to regular exercise the enjoyment factor is key, and Zumba has proven that there’s no shortage of fun in these high-energy (and effective) classes!"


Recently we went to a zumba marathon. 7 hours and 50,000 steps. I slept well that night. They had a Kpop section which I loved. I hope it catches on.



FDA to stop sale of DMAA as dangerous

DMAA (dimethylamylamine), a popular supplement for weight lifters and also touted as a weight loss aid, are being called dangerous by the FDA, which is asking all companies selling the supplement to cease using it as an ingredient.

Read more details about the effects of DMAA

Fitness Fights Cancer  - Even Later in Life

A new study shows that men who are the most fit when they are middle-ages are less likely to die from cancer even 25 years later in life. If they do get cancer, they are more likely to survive.

Dividing the men into 5 groups based on level of fitness, the researchers found that each group at a higher fitness rate had reduced rates of dying by heart disease by 23 percent and cancer by 14 percent. They also noted that obesity was not a factor.



Dieters need to Exercise to Protect Bone Health

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Men and women who lose weight through caloric restriction, without exercise, also lose bone at the hip and spine, increasing their risk for the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis and fractures, a study shows. Performing regular exercise to a  diet helps protect the bones from the negative effects of dieting.

"Exercise protects against bone loss during voluntary weight loss," Dr. Dennis T. Villareal, who led the study. "Therefore, it would be important to combine calorie restriction and exercise to derive the benefits of weight loss and preserve bone."

However, to maintain healthy bones, "exercise should be an important component of a weight loss program to offset adverse effects of calorie restriction on bone," the team concludes. 



Can Pants Make You Lose Weight?

Fila USA is claiming that its new product, Toning Resistence Tight Capri pants are specially designed to increase the exercise that a wearers muscles acheive and improve in recovery from exercise.

Too Good to be True?

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) decided to put the pants to the test. While subjects found the pants made it hard to walk, the extra calories burned were equivalent to half an M&M (peanut). Based on their research, ACE would not recommend the pants.

Read the write-up from the American Council on Exercise review of Toning Pants from Fila USA.



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