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Now that we are nearing the end of summer, it is time to look forward to cooler temperatures (where are they?) and get out and ramp up the exercise time! 


We try to give you the most up-to-date, scientifically-based advice on working out, getting fit, and losing weight. An exercise workout routine that is practical and reasonable? Learn to stay away from Bad Diets while eating right? We offer you the best fitness and health information available. We don't sell anything and don't have sponsors. We only want you to be your best. Find the best diet for you. Get new ideas for workouts to take you to the next level. From beginners to experts, we have useful expert fitness advice and ideas for everyone. Even professionals are giving out plenty of misleading or incorrect information these days. Find out what really works.


Presumably you have come to the realization that the quality of your life depends upon:


  • your health  
  • your level of fitnessbanner3.jpg
  • your nutrition
  • your quality of life


It's not enough to live long; the quality of your life matters equally! If you are sick, dying or unhealthy, nothing, apart from your health, matters! And without a reasonable degree of fitness to have strength and endurance to do the things you enjoy in comfort, even good health can't be enjoyed! Being fit and looking good and enjoying optimal health will help you maximize you enjoyment of life at every stage.


This website will provide the information, the understanding, and the methods to accomplish these goals. All you need to provide is the motivation, persistence and a few hours per week. If you follow the Slow routine, you can be done in as little as 10 minutes a week. You can not use lack of time as a reason not to exercise anymore.We have a program that will fit anyone's goals. Define your fitness goals and pick a routine. Try a few of the weight lifting programs and see which ones suite your style. Get pumped!


One thing you really don't need to spend time on is cardio. Believe it or not, it does not help you lose weight and you will attain your fitness goals much more efficiently by lifting properly. I can run for hours even though I don't spend time on the treadmill or other such activities.


The New York Times recently reported on a study that found the young men who participated in the study lost muscle while dieting. The group that was given more protein and lifted extensively during the period of the study lost the weight and enhanced their muscle structure as well.



I also recommend reading the article "Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie" for a great perspective on the fitness industry and the real path to fitness. The writer makes some great suggestions on what it means to be fit and approaches to getting fit. He highly recommends Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength book. We recommend that one as well. Look at our various weight programs and try a few they will be enough to get you started in building muscle and gaining strength.


If your goal is to shed a few pounds, join the many visitors trying to lose weight. That is the biggest struggle for most people today and it is not easy. We look at many of the current approaches and weigh the experiences of our friends here and try to provide guidance on what diets and supplements have worked best and which are not useful or a waste of time and money. I love to try new ideas and following the latest diet concepts and biohacking as some folks now refer to it. I have recently been following Paleo and Keto styles of eating. I have started doing the BulletProof diet and have been having great success - losing 12 pounds in three weeks. This has never been easy before.


If you want more information on diets visit Facts About Weight Loss. Eating properly is critical to being fit and healthy.


My Current workout

I have recently started using the 8 x 8 methodology in my weight lifting routine. I have found it a great way to get pumped and powerful and lean.

As an example, when I started a few weeks ago, I loaded 155 lbs on the bar for bench pressing. I did 8 sets of 8 reps with this same weight. This is lower than I would normally build up to, but my muscles still told me I had achieved a lot. They felt great. The next time I lifted, I used 160 lbs for the same routine. I am now up to 185 and feel like I am still getting stronger - even though I was doing 275 lbs before. I really like this workout - and I have tried about every kind there is.

I am sure that if you follow a similar progression, even if you start with an empty bar, you will find yourself getting impressively strong in a matter of months. It will seem easy. Just keep adding a little more weight each week.

I would also add that I always throw in some super slow reps, no matter what weight lifting routine I am using.


Find out more about the benefits to exercising and being fit.

Find some great workout plans that you can use to get into optimal shape. You don't need books or magazines. Get your routines here for free.

See the proper form for performing the exercises.

Get up-to-date information about eating right to help you be healthy and lose weight.

Find out which supplements are beneficial and which are just a waste or even dangerous.

Getting the latest information on weight loss and eating and diet comparisons. Only a few approaches to eating really work - get the facts.


Looking for some cool music to work out too? My daughter turned me on to a lot of new groups I never thought I would be listening to. But I must admit I am hooked. It must not be just me - LA Fitness has been playing a lot of their videos too. Check out Kpopity for more music info and videos. I really love Mamamoo! Give the music a chance - it took me several listens to "get it." BTS is now said to be the most popular band in the world.





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