My Current workout

I have recently started using the 8 x 8 methodology in my weight lifting routine. I have found it a great way to get pumped and powerful and lean.

As an example, when I started a few weeks ago, I loaded 155 lbs on the bar for bench pressing. I did 8 sets of 8 reps with this same weight. This is lower than I would normally build up to, but my muscles still told me I had achieved a lot. They felt great. The next time I lifted, I used 160 lbs for the same routine. I am now up to 185 and feel like I am still getting stronger - even though I was doing 275 lbs before. I really like this workout - and I have tried about every kind there is.

I am sure that if you follow a similar progression, even if you start with an empty bar, you will find yourself getting impressively strong in a matter of months. It will seem easy. Just keep adding a little more weight each week.

I would also add that I always throw in some super slow reps, no matter what weight lifting routine I am using.


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