The Slow Burn Workout


Slow Burn (Also called Super Slow) is much like the name implies. You will feel like you are going in slow motion. You should do the routine on machinces as dumbbells or barbells will be diffult to maintain the speed unless you have a very patient spotter!


As an example, let's say you are doing a typical chest press machine at any gym. If you normally do 200 lbs., you may want to start out with 80 lbs to see how it feels. The key is to maintain perfect technique throughout.


One of the benefits of Slow Burn is that you can do a complete workout in less than 30 minutes. You generally do one set rather than several at each machine. Also, you will only need about 5 reps per set. And - you really only need to work out 1 time per week (2 is ok, but you will not need more) Some methods require you go to the gym 5-6 days a week. So this is another benefit with your busy schedule.


The basic idea is to count 10 seconds as you raise the bar. When you get near the top (don't lock your elbows) then hold for 3-4 seconds. Then count 10 seconds as you descend. Hold near the bottom again for 3-4 seconds. Do 4-6 reps. You should really feel this by the third rep. And by then it will feel like an eternity although less than a minute. I like to do a couple of extra sets bringing the weight down each time to ensure fatigue.


This method removes the leverage that people use to cheat in lifting. When you see a guy squirming to make a lift he is not developing his muscles. And when people pump too fast they are often using body leverage. This reduces the effectiveness of the lift.


If you could do 6 reps and it was easy, try another set after a very brief rest. Next time you come to the gym, you can apply more weight.


The books below are all recommended looks at versions of Slow Burn:




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