The 5 x 5 Workout


The 5 x 5 workout is wonderful in its simplicity. Nothing complicated to keep track of here. This is a great routine for building strength. Stick with the plan and you will make progress quickly.


You will do the core weight lifting exercises in the following method:


Start with a light weight. Don't worry how you look - you will look great later!

Do a warm up set of 5.


Then for each activity do 5 sets and 5 repetitions in each set. Are you guessing where the name comes from?


Do this 3 times a week and add weight each week. You will see results and progress in the weights soon.


Example routine getting started:


Bench press

Warm up - just the bar 5 times

Add 50 lbs. to 95. Do 5 sets of 5.



Next time - same warm up. Then do 100 lbs for 5 sets.




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