The Press


The Press is an important move in weight lifting. The exercise known as the Press is raising the barbell from chest to an overhead position. The more common version is the bench press, with the lifter lying on their back and pushing the bar up away from the body. The overhead Press was the original and may be slightly better.


I like to combine this move with other moves to affect the whole body for a great fitness workout. There are several variations possible. One example is:


The barbell is on the floor.

  1. Do a bent over row (6-8 times)
  1. Do a lift to bring the barbell from below the knee to thighs in standing position (6-8 times)
  1. Should shrug (6-8)
  1. Hang Clean - pull the barbell from above your knees and bring it to rest at your upper chest (6-8)
  1. Press (6-8)
  2. Snatch - finish with a few of these. Grab the bar near your ankles and fling it to the ceiling (don't actually let go!) Take control of it at a peak over your head.


Run through these with no break in between. Try 3 sets and you will have an amazing cardio workout as well.

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